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Defining the world standard of Kinesiology

Discover your potential at the College of Kinesiology in Brisbane, where we have been delivering exceptional kinesiology education for over two decades. Our government-accredited diploma program stands out for its unique integration of advanced scientific knowledge and metaphysical principles, ensuring a holistic and effective learning experience.

Guy Bennett, our founder, combines a BSc in Genetics, Biology, and Biochemistry with extensive training in Yogic Sciences, Daoism, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and over 25 years of clinical kinesiology experience. Guy’s personal involvement in teaching every student ensures the highest standard of education in the field.  The College of Kinesiology boasts the highest face to face interaction between training staff and students ensuring each graduate is confident and industry ready.

Our modern campus in Ashgrove, Brisbane, provides an ideal comfortable learning environment with  state-of-the-art facilities. Recorded lectures add flexibility to your learning, helping you to review and reinforce key concepts. Our supportive community is a cornerstone of Kinesiology College, where students form lasting friendships and professional networks.

Begin your journey with our RTK (Road Test Kinesiology) event for only $79, and continue with the Kinesiology Foundation Program (KFP) for $1320. Our seamless transition to the diploma program, complete with significant discounts, ensures you can explore kinesiology thoroughly before making a commitment.

Join the College of Kinesiology and transform your passion for kinesiology into a rewarding career. Here, we empower you to create your reality and achieve excellence.

As a nationally registered training organisation (RTO number 40799) we deliver the Diploma of Kinesiology (HLT52415).


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Selecting the right college

Choosing the right college for kinesiology course

When choosing the right college there are various things you need to consider.

  1. What is your learning style?

Do like face to face support and supervision? Or do you like to do more study at home and by yourself? We have found that most people don’t ever develop the skills and confidence that they need when they don’t have sufficient supervised practice sessions plus a professionally run student clinic environment to work in.  With three supervised practice sessions per week and a properly run professional student clinic environment then the College of Kinesiology in Brisbane gives you the guidance you need to be skilled and successful at the end of your kinesiology learning experience.

Come along and experience a student clinic session at the College of Kinesiology in Brisbane from one of our second year students, this is a great way to try before you buy.

  1. What type of learning experience are you looking for?

Are you looking to just learn a skill, or are you also looking for your own personal growth journey?  The College of Kinesiology offers a powerful healing and growth journey as well as learning all the professional skills you will ever need to become a successful Kinesiology practitioner.  Holding the space to support a client in their self-healing journey can only be done well when you have gone through the process yourself and understood some the deeper healing truths that are not readily available in today’s world. The College of Kinesiology will take you on a powerful transformational journey which will allow you to authenticate the same process with your clients once you graduate.

  1. Are you looking for a diverse skill base, or a factionalised/specialised approach?

There are many styles and approaches to kinesiology.  This is surprising because it is not a very old modality.  Many of the colleges today have evolved from specific strands of kinesiology and as a consequence lack a diversity of approach.  The College of Kinesiology has always been committed to a diverse approach embracing different styles and philosophies, this allows graduates to have broad and mature understanding of kinesiology and a diverse skill base allowing them to work more effectively with all types of problems in the clinic.  Graduates from the College of Kinesiology Brisbane have both great problem solving skills and research skills and know how to develop strategies to get to the bottom of their clients issues.  It also means that graduates are prepared for all types of post graduate learning after they complete the Diploma of Kinesiology.  Their diverse skill base and deep understanding of kinesiology means they can easily learn and put into practice skills and knowledge from other training sources, allowing them to be at the top in their field.

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Career Prospects 
& Potential Earnings

Becoming a kinesiology practitioner is an exciting career with lots of rewards.

Even though it is very different to other styles of complementary medicine, kinesiology is growing rapidly in popularity at a grass roots level because it gives fast and effective results in a wide range of areas. Kinesiologists tend to build lasting client relationships and readily attract referrals.

A greater earning potential…

You can expect to earn a higher income in comparison to other complementary modalities like Acupuncture and Naturopathy, and you are able to do this with a shorter duration of study.

Click HERE To view a full comparison of training costs, duration and expected income.

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Kinesiology Student Clinic Service. Try Kinesiology with one of our students.

Student Clinic

Book a 90 Minute Kinesiology Balance for ONLY $20

This is an opportunity for our second-year kinesiology students to take you on a comprehensive kinesiology balance experience. Under supervision from a professional kinesiology trainer, you can receive the benefit of kinesiology within our relaxed college environment. We are confident that you will appreciate the high standard that the College of Kinesiology offers.

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Brisbane Kinesiology College Campus Ashgrove

World Class Ashgrove Campus

A dedicated new site located in the suburb of Ashgrove in Brisbane.

Our world class facilities at our Ashgrove Campus is only 10 minutes from Brisbane city centre on the corner of Waterworks Road and Trout Street.

Come and see our relaxed learning environment!

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Payment Options

Due to the removal of Vet Fee Help for Kinesiology study by the Australian Government, we have lowered the price to study the diploma to $19,770 and created two options to give all would-be kinesiology students the best opportunity to study kinesiology.

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Try Kinesiology with a resident Kinesiologist Service

See one of our Resident Kinesiologists

Receive a Kinesiology balance from an experienced kinesiology practitioner.

When studying kinesiology, we recommend regular sessions with an accomplished professional to help you shift any blocks on your learning journey and bring you to a place where you can support others in their healing journey.

Our practitioners work with your body, mind and spirit to facilitate transformation. They are skilled in the latest cutting-edge techniques in kinesiology coaching and energy medicine. Live your highest potential with the support of kinesiology

Book online for an appointment with one of Brisbane’s best and brightest Kinesiologists. You will find descriptions of the different appointments and an introduction to each of our Kinesiologists. Find your best practitioner and appointment time now.

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Interested in Professional Development?

Continuing Professional Education - short courses and seminars.

Short courses and seminars for professional development are run at the end of every year.

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Transform your life with a kinesiology career

Transform your life with a kinesiology journey

Learning kinesiology at Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology is a huge accomplishment that re-defines who we are.  Apart from the skills of learning about the body which include muscular skeletal anatomy, functional anatomy, body navigation, point location and much more; We are also learning complex protocols peculiar to kinesiology and introduced to a range of medical and esoteric concepts almost simultaneously.  Our brains are being stretched beyond the limits that we preciously set.

As our learning and skill base develops we are also experiencing both an intuitive and subtle energy awakening.  As we practice on each other and receive regular balances in combination to the expanding knowledge base, many of us are opening more into a multidimensional perception.  Through increasing our awareness and removing blocks we are on a journey of restoration toward our higher potential.

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