Our History

In 2001, some of Guy’s kinesiology clients wanted to learn kinesiology. So the college was initially launched as a venue to get top kinesiology trainers in their differing fields of expertise to teach in Brisbane. There was a strong interest and the numbers steadily grew. It became called Create Your Reality and gained a reputation as a place of higher learning for Kinesiology in Brisbane.

The name Create Your Reality formed as a consequence of the power of kinesiology to re-architect one’s life in so many ways. All our experiences are a creation of our own mind, and to create the life we want we need to own that we have created the life we are already in. Kinesiology, through Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology, offers us the opportunity to re-model our mind, emotions and body so that our enjoyment and reward increase and our pain and suffering decrease.

In 2007 with the release of the national training package in kinesiology, Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology formed itself into a Registered Training Organisation, evolving and improving the training.

“Kinesiology is so young, we are discovering so much about it all the time. We are also discovering so many new and innovative ways to deliver the training. Consequently we are always evolving and improving the course, ensuring that we are leading the field.” Guy Bennett

One of the defining features of the CYR curriculum is the special focus on ‘awakening your inner healing potential’. Kinesiology supports the individual to self heal; the client is supported and stimulated to unblock and activate their own healing process. Create Your Reality fosters both the knowledge and personal growth that will give you the inner confidence to support your future clients through their journeys of change and growth.

Guy's story

Hear from the founder of College of Kinesiology, how and why he built the college.

Guy Bennett, the founder of the College of Kinesiology, has worked as a kinesiologist since 1997.  He began instructing kinesiology courses in 2001 and has authored many kinesiology courses.  Guy has unique insight into the blending of modern science and ancient spiritual traditions.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Genetics from Griffith University and he is also a Qi Gong, Tai Chi and meditation practitioner and instructor.

Guy is a member of the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) and the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).

Fabulous Learning Environment

Our training experience stretches back to 2001. Over this time we have learned to cater for the different types of learning style. Kinesiology is an amazing technique for enhancing learning. By practising kinesiology with other students in class, you are actively enhancing the learning process.

The founder of the college, Guy Bennett, has had an amazing journey in regard to learning. Suffering from severe dyslexia as a child, he was able to go on and acquire a University Degree in Science and is now the principal of the College of Kinesiology. Guy understands what it is like to be challenged by learning and has designed a program which caters for all styles of learning.

Our Campus Facilities

Theory, Demonstration, Practice...

The kinesiology training components are broken up into Theory, Demonstration then Practice. We have found that this caters for all types of learning style. Each of the theory lectures is recorded as a video onto a private Facebook group, so you can re-watch them or catch up if you miss part of a training day. The Manuals and Workbooks are well written and easy to understand.

Practice what you learn...

In addition to the kinesiology components listed in the calendar and the course outline, we have three practice slots a week: Tuesday & Thursday evenings and Friday mornings.

We have found over the years that the more supervised practice the student experiences, the more confident and skilled they are as a graduating practitioner.

We have modern, clean and easy to access facilities with lots of room and training models.

Student Clinic

Book a 90 Minute Kinesiology Balance for ONLY $20

This is an opportunity for our second-year kinesiology students to take you on a comprehensive kinesiology balance experience. Under supervision from a professional kinesiology trainer, you can receive the benefit of kinesiology within our college environment. We are confident that you will appreciate the high standard that the College of Kinesiology offers.

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