Unlike other divination tools kinesiology uses the changes in muscles to ascertain the client’s status.  These muscles are controlled by nerves and which are regulated by the Central Nervous System (the spinal cord and the brain).

Our nervous systems are prone to disorganisation.  The disorganisation of the brain is related to many factors and has many far-ranging effects on the quality of our lives.  The approach to working with kinesiology from a brain perspective has revealed so much about the disease process, mental health, how we heal and grow and reach our human potential.  The experience of receiving kinesiology from a capable practitioner well versed in techniques that support the central nervous system speak for itself.

In the early days of kinesiology, working with the brain to ensure kinesiology accuracy was called pre-checks this term was developed in the early 1970’s by the end of the 1990’s a new technique called Deep Survival Switching was coined which investigated and balanced conflicts in the nervous system by supporting re-balancing of nuclei in the brain.  This showed a profound capacity for the brain to resolve stress, we were seeing that stress in the brain at a deep level (sub-cortical) was having a major impact on how the brain operated.  We were starting to comprehend how a deep confusion in the brain underpinned our entire well-being as humans. And that kinesiology had a capacity to resolve stress at a level never previously experienced in any type of natural therapy.  The term Deep Survival Switching was expanded on and popularised by Kinesiologist, author and research Scientist Dr. Charles Krebs.

In 2003, we found that the capacity for the brain to organise itself was linked to the axial energy of the body.  If the central energy of the body was out of kilter, then the capacity for the brain to resolve stress and organise itself was limited.  Virtually in the same week Dr. Krebs and myself came up with alternative approaches to the same issues and found the same result: that the brain predisposes itself to increased organisation and stress resolution when there is axial alignment down head and spine of the body.  Charles called his approach the 3 pillars and the celestial circuit while I called mine the Dantien Balance.  Both having a profound effect and revolutionising the capacity of kinesiology.

When an individual receives these techniques in combination then the efficiency of the nervous system increases greatly and there is a profound sense of stress resolving with in an individual.

Kinesiology is now finding itself on a cutting edge, embracing esoteric understanding and modern science.  Our biggest problem is that we are pulling so far away from the rest of the track it becomes very hard for the rest of the world to relate to us.  We are losing connection to both the scientific community and the Traditional Medicine community, very few can conceive where we are at, fortunately the ground swell to kinesiology is growing because of its results.

Modern medicine concerns itself with the treatment of disease, in this advanced form of kinesiology we have understood that disease in almost all cases is due to a prolonged disorganisation of the brain.  By resolving the stress in the brain and re-establishing the axial energetics, we are improving the efficiency of the central nervous system which creates the conditions for the body to begin to self-heal.  We are discovering that the body is pre-designed to self-heal, it doesn’t always need to “fixed” by intervention.  This is a major shift in mind set and it is being led by kinesiology’s capacity to go far deeper in the stress resolution process.