We live in a world that is hyper-rational, a world that is structured around scientific understanding, increased productivity and profit.  However, this is not how our inner world works.  The deeper, inner working of our mind is both abstract and symbolic; it is also where our sense of meaning and life purpose originate.  As we strive to succeed and fit in to the world as it is today, we can’t help but become more removed from our own personal inner connection.

We are being trained and equipped to participate in a world of increasing complexity; to fit in to the regulations and demands of society; to a world that is becoming centered around information technology.  The type of skills and world that we are fitting into trains our minds in a way that makes it very difficult to connect to the abstract, symbolic and non-linear nature of our inner world.

When our body develops a health problem or physical pain, is it just random event? Is it because we weren’t designed or built right?  Is it because we haven’t been eating properly or doing enough exercise? Or is it because we have lost connection to our inner world?

From my experience and understanding, the body doesn’t just get sick, nor do we suddenly slip into depression or such like – these are the things that brew and develop over a long period of time.   We show symptoms of ill health once the gap between the inner world and outer world becomes extreme.  The connection between the inner world and the body is very closely linked, so when we have pain or symptoms in our body, then this is how the inner world screams out to our conscious mind to take heed.

When the body screams out with pain, our rational and conventional trained mind attempts to find a rational solution, alternatively we could simply turn inward.  By reconnecting and listening to the inner world then all the parts of our being have the opportunity to work together, this engages our self-healing capacities, and enables the body to self-organise back into health and balance.

When we look at an iceberg we have a metaphor for our consciousness.  The portion above the water is the conscious mind, the portion underwater is the subconscious mind, while the water in which the iceberg floats is the unconscious mind.  The ice and water are of the same substance but in different states. The water is connecting all the icebergs afloat in the ocean which makes it a metaphor for the collective unconscious.

Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring, to access these elements. In kinesiology, we call these deeper elements the Innate Awareness.  Even when people are entrenched in the logic and rationality of the modern world, kinesiology offers quick access enabling rapid positive change.

In only 50 years kinesiology’s growth around the world has been outstanding.  While It has been challenging to communicate its benefits due to its counter cultural approach, kinesiology’s growth can be attributed to the referral network established by the great results that it consistently delivers. Kinesiology is truly a rewarding career because of the satisfaction from effectively helping and enabling others to improve their health and transform the quality of their lives.

Our inner world or innate awareness is comprised of our subconsciousunconscious and spirit.  It is home to our values and life direction, it engenders us with a powerful sense of meaning and purpose.  The more our choices, decisions and beliefs are initiated from our inner world then the happier and healthier our lives become.

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