While nutritional medicine can help support the body to rebuild and regenerate, often it is just supporting the body to cope with a deeper pre-existing condition that nutritional medicine itself cannot access.

Ultimately long term stress is the primary cause behind most health conditions. When we have stress that we are unable to resolve, then the body’s stress response eventually takes its toll on our health.

When we are stressed, the nervous system and the endocrine system adjust their outputs to enable the body to function under stress conditions in the short term. When the stress is unresolved,  these outputs erode the health of the body over the long term, causing the body’s health to break down.

The breakdown of health from these unresolved stress responses differ in people due to the individual’s pre-existing condition. This predisposition will be determined by genetic profile and constitutional characteristics. What this means is that the response to stress is universal – however its effects upon health in the long term is peculiar to individual make up.

When we are stressed,  the autonomic nervous system and the endocrine system both create changes in our body. The autonomic nervous system shunts blood away from the digestive system and into the body’s muscles to equip it for physical action as would be required in a survival scenario. It also slows the movement of the gut down, changing the profile of the gut flora and eventually leading to toxicity in the gut and the rest of the body. When the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) becomes sympathetic dominant, then our ability to regenerate and rejuvenate is switched off because there is not time for a re-gen when we are in a perceived survival threat – It is the perception of a survival threat which triggers the stress response in the body.

When we are stressed then the endocrine system will kick in  – upping the cortisol output. Whilst cortisol is a necessary hormone, when we are stressed, the cortisol output increase causes untold havoc upon our bodies in the long term.

Did you know that high cortisol is at the root of all our dietary cravings? When we are stressed then cortisol tells the body not to eat or digest all our healthy slow burn foods. It changes our metabolism to only process the fast burn sugary refined foods because they deliver quick energy for when we are under a perceived survival threat

These two changes, autonomic and endocrine, mean that we are also creating changes in our toxicity and immune status as well eventually with other secondary effects lead to a breakdown in our health. From my research this is the fundamental cause of all constitutional decline that leads to ill health in all its forms.

While many natural therapists are aware of how these factors contribute toward ill health, they do not have the tools or the skills to change the signalling in the brain that tells the body to switch off the responses that leads to ill health. Often Nutritional medicine will prescribe Magnesium, Vitamin B and other supplements which help the body to cope with the stress response, but does not switch it off. In this way most of nutritional medicine is symptomatic rather then treating the body on a causal level.

If we can switch off the signalling that causes the changes in the nervous system and endocrine outputs, then we are working at the cause rather than at the symptom level. If we can switch these responses off, then the nutritional medicine can be applied in ways that support the natural regeneration process that is allowed to occur when the body disengages its stress response.

Nutritional medicine is starting to open its eyes to how kinesiology can greatly improve its client’s outcomes – instead of propping clients up.  A deeper, causal approach can resolve the survival triggers supporting the client to regenerate their health rather than use supplementation to deal with symptoms.

Our society is so far away from an understanding of resolving stress at a causal level, there is much re-learning and inner transformation that needs to occur before a health practitioner can hold the space to enable clients to resolve their health problems holistically at a causal level.

At Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology. we are creating the foundation for a cultural change. Here, graduating students over the course of the program have learnt the techniques and skills required of a kinesiologist, but have experienced an inner journey to awaken their own inner healing potential. This enables them to support others through a process and an understanding of authentic stress resolution. With this skill set in place, kinesiologists can promote their skills to naturopaths and nutritionists to improve their clients outcomes.