Kinesiology has been going through an amazing growth in popularity over recent years.  This is largely due to the results it delivers reaching into the community of south east Queensland.  Only 50 years old, kinesiology found its way into Australia in the early 1980’s.  The local pioneers some of whom are still practising today, did their training through workshops. More often than not, these workshops were taught in someone’s living room.  With a contingent of housewives and enthusiasts it more resembled a Tupperware party than the beginning of a new futuristic heath movement poised to take the world by storm.  In the early 80’s I was finishing high school and starting my science degree at university, never really sure of how I was going to lead my life.  I had a strong sense of purpose which would rise up in me as a ball of frustration all through my 20’s; I had no idea how I would be directing my purpose and passion.  While science interested me I could not see myself working in lab or such like.  By my mid 20’s I was clear I wanted to help others in a healing and personal growth capacity but I didn’t know what form it would take.  While I was going through my own trials and tribulations so too was kinesiology.  It was branching and growing in so many interesting and sometimes bizarre ways during the 80’s and 90’s.

At the beginning of 1997 I did my first kinesiology workshop; it intrigued me.  Kinesiology offered a grounded practicality that satisfied the scientific part of my nature but also it offered a spiritual and energetic dimension which also satisfied my thirst for spirituality and mysticism.  Though the training format was crude and had many gaps it most definitely sparked my interest.  I joined the brotherhood and sisterhood (mainly sisters) of lounge-room nomads (otherwise known as kinesiology students) who wandered from living room to living room across Australia seeking new techniques and approaches to build our kinesiology knowledge.

Some of my experiences were valuable and others were eccentric and occasionally disappointing.  I was fortunate to have had my science degree and many overlapping personal interests that help me piece together the diverse pieces of knowledge into something meaningful that I could offer as a therapy to a steadily growing clientele.  By the year 2000 I had built a foundation of understanding that enabled me to consistently help all sorts of people with all sorts of issues, allowing me to establish my financial independence while doing something that I loved.

My clients were telling me I want to learn what you are doing.  I wasn’t yet in a position where I could teach them much but I was already developing my own techniques and approaches.  By 2001 I started to form a training hub in Brisbane and I called it Create Your Reality.  Most people thought the name was weird but what the heck I liked it.   I was inviting the best of the best to come to Brisbane to teach….and yes it started in my living room.  By 2002 the hub moved into a dedicated training venue.  When I was frequenting living rooms learning my art, I noticed many students fell by the wayside because there was no learning structure.  I realised if there were going to be more capable kinesiologists I needed to create a coherent training structure that enabled learning and confidence.  Developing and teaching a professional program became my focus and passion

Sixteen years on the evolution of kinesiology and the evolution of the now registered training organisation, Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology, has exceeded my expectations.  I feel like I am riding a wave of consciousness that is kinesiology. This wave is growing and touching more people in more meaningful ways.  The once futuristic healing modality of kinesiology is now here and is being accepted by our community.  We have a program that can offer you cutting edge training that will enable you to fulfil your calling.

The Early Days
The Early Days