Dr. David R Hawkins’s research concluded that kinesiology was able to derive any true answers about any topic in the whole Universe.

The release of his very curious book Power vs. Force, written by one so qualified started a wave of new aspirants from all around the world seeking to learn the art and science of muscle testing (monitoring).  Unlike previous commentaries on kinesiology, Dr. David R. Hawkins interpreted kinesiology in a profoundly spiritual manor whilst blending it with contemporary scientific understanding.  His work painted muscle testing as a tool that would launch the aspirants into an accelerated journey of spiritual growth through the power of its enquiry.

The reality for most that embarked on the Hawkins styled journey was not as he had painted it, finding ambiguity and fickleness in the muscle response.  When Dr. Hawkins’s aspirants questioned him about the difficulty in obtaining kinesiology responses he said that you need a level of consciousness over 200 before you can muscle test.  So Dr Hawkins’s followers and kinesiology aspirants who were struggling to muscle test with accuracy and ease were now labelled and bundled into the category of sub 200. This, by his own measure, accounts for approximately 80% of the human population.

The level of 200 pertains to a value from “The Map of Consciousness” developed by Dr. Hawkins as found and explained in his book Power vs Force.  The “Map of Consciousness” is a logarithmic scale that extends from  0 to 1000 which measures the potential of human consciousness from the lowest to the highest.  The level of 200 pertains to the quality “courage” which is the level that humans begin to contribute to the world, society and fellow man rather than draining from it.  When his aspirants struggled with their muscle testing results he would inform them that their level of conscious was below the 200 threshold.

What’s more, Dr Hawkins also indicated that the average human only evolves 5 points on the scale in an entire lifetime.  That means if you were born at the level of 180 it would take you a further 3 lifetimes before you got to 200 and were then able to muscle test accurately.

Finding New Approaches

Inspite of Dr. David Hawkins evaluative approach toward muscle testing, he was clearly a genius and a pioneer in the area of a consciousness approach to kinesiology.  In my 16 years of practicing kinesiology and my 12 years of teaching, my approach and emphasis to kinesiology has evolved with a different perspective.

The Art and Science of Muscle Testing

Dr. Hawkins’s instruction on kinesiology was coming from only a spiritual perspective. For someone as advanced as he, it would be easy to pick up anybody’s arm and muscle test without any resistance. At Dr. Hawkins’s level he was able to by-pass the confusion of the flesh and directly accesses the soul overriding whatever may have been going on in the physical, emotional or mental bodies that may have been confusing the muscle testing.

Muscle testing is also a physical technique not just an energetic or spiritual technique and for most people needs to be taught with care and prudence in order for them to be able to use it effectively.

Muscle testing is a neuromuscular bio-feedback tool that occurs between a body muscle and the central nervous system.  It is the neuromuscular feedback loop to and from the central nervous system that allows us to access the unconscious and from there potentially anything and everything.

However establishing an effective and accurate neuro-muscular feedback loop is not so easy; it requires a set of skills which need to be perfected and this takes time.

Orthopaedic Surgeon and Kinesiologist Dr Anna Rolfs MD PhD did her PhD on the phenomenon of the accurate indicator muscle.  In her thesis she identified that muscle testing comes by way of the tone response which is an unconscious control, rather than by way of the somatic response which is conscious control.  It is generally believed that our skeletal muscles are consciously controlled, while this is accepted corroborative research (Dr. Anna Rolfes “the phenomena of the accurate indicator muscle”)  has shown that skeletal muscles are actually 70% controlled by the unconscious.

Proper kinesiology instruction allows tester to monitor the muscle in such a way as to bypass the conscious muscle response and tap into the unconscious tone response.  As said before this is a learnt skill that needs perfecting and allows the practitioner to tap into the vast wealth of information available at that level of the unconscious brain.

Evolving our Consciousness through Kinesiology

When Dr. Hawkins was doing his initial work with kinesiology he identified that the average human throughout history evolved a mere five points on the map of consciousness throughout an entire life time.  He later found that if humans consciously focused on their growth and development then their growth could be accelerated.

Since early in my career much of my interest was focused in enhancing the evolution of human consciousness and much of my kinesiology research and course development was focused on techniques to accelerate humans on their evolutionary path.  My understanding of a better planet is a planet governed by an increasingly higher consciousness.  With a higher consciousness then we naturally make better choices about our energy sources, our food sources our environmental management and so on.  My personal activism for mother Earth has been through the process of working to develop techniques and programs to evolve human consciousness.  Over the years I have developed my clinic to support individuals evolve their consciousness and this has evolved into a school which is now teaching others to do the same, I am looking forward to see where it evolves to from here.

Kinesiology is a master tool for accelerating human consciousness.  When I was introduced to the Map of consciousness in 2000 I calibrated at 300 now in 2013 I am calibrating at 680. That is a growth of 380 on the scale in only 13 years.   In Dr. Hawkins way of seeing things this is equivalent to 76 life times.  The bio-feedback nature of kinesiology when delivered within the appropriate context and frame work will accelerate the development of human consciousness, as my kinesiology students and clients will unequivocally confirm.  So even if you think you are languishing below the 200 mark on the map of consciousness, enrolling  and participating in the right school program will enable you to quickly move forward to higher levels of consciousness.

Dr. Charles Krebs and the search for truth

After Dr. Krebs’s scuba diving accident, he was left with the medical doctors believing that he would be a quadriplegic for the rest of his life.  Will power and perseverance allowed him to walk out of hospital with walking sticks and an interesting gait.  In Dr Krebs’s will to get better he was eager to try anything to potentially improve his health. This was a big change as his loyalty to modern science was unbreakable prior to his accident.   Dr. Charles Krebs in his search, stumbled across a kinesiologist and it was here that Charles received this most significant improvement.  The kinesiology switched on certain nerves and muscles and allowed Charles to walk without dragging his feet for the first time since the accident.  This was a significant time for Charles where he broke the restricting yolk of modern scientific medicine, however it was a probably of even greater significance for kinesiology as it had gained the loyalty of a great scientific mind dedicated to the pursuit of truth and understanding.

Dr. Krebs modelled his research and kinesiology development on the healing and upgrading of the human nervous system with a special focus on those children with learning difficulties he called his work the LEAP program.

Dr. Charles Krebs in his pursuit of truth concluded that Kinesiology was a completely accurate technique provided that the client/recipients’ nervous system was sufficiently integrated.

Because of Charles’s differing background to Dr. Hawkins, Dr. Krebs has been focused on how kinesiology can reveal imbalances in human health.  Dr. Krebs is confident that kinesiology can give completely accurate diagnosis of the body when the nervous system is integrated through his LEAP program.  The LEAP program is part of the Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology curriculum.

Integrating the work of Dr. Charles Krebs and Richard Utt.

Richard Utt was a NASA engineer that had a falling out with his medical Dr. as he was dying.  This led him to Dr Sheldon Deal a Chiropractor who was one of the founders of Applied Kinesiology.  His work with Dr. Sheldon Deal brought him back to the land of the living and similarly to Charles, he dedicated the rest of his life to the furthering of kinesiology.  Richard Utt founded a highly systemised kinesiology system called Applied Physiology which spanned into many new and interesting areas. Richard Utt is considered a major innovator in the field of kinesiology.  Dr. Charles Krebs modelled the LEAP program from Richard’s earlier developments and integrated many of Richard’s techniques into his clinic and training schedule.  Richard was the first one to scientifically systemise what was going on when a muscle failed to work, previously there was a zone of confusion for all kinesiologists when a muscle failed to give a clear indicator and therapists would be left scratching their heads.

Richard Utt called his system Powers of Stress which gives a very clear understanding of what is happening when anomalies occur in muscle testing.  Dr. Krebs went on to integrate this work with the research of medical scientist Dr Selyes who developed the Generalised Adaptations Syndrome, which explains how stress progresses in the human body.  By blending the two approaches together an extremely refined and clear approach and understanding to working with sometimes difficult muscles was developed.  Richard’s work is supported at the Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology with Holographic Muscle Monitoring and Attitude with Essence in the Cert IV and Anatomy and Physiology of the Brain in the Diploma.

The Pursuit of Truth

Kinesiology is the pursuit of truth and understanding, it is a powerful tool which can neutralise and clear stress within the human body supporting the healing of disease and structural imbalance whilst also supporting the state of mind and various emotional issues.  Because of it’s amazing power to neutralise stress from the core of our being it is also an amazing tool for the acceleration of human evolution in the field of consciousness.  The Kahunas (Polynesian masters) once said that effectiveness is the measure of truth.  This means truth is not measured through the validation of Data but rather the measure of the meaningful result an individual receives.  If you agree with this piece of Kahuna philosophy about truth then you would calibrate over 500 if you found it a stretch then you would probably be below this threshold.

The above is a little provocative however it is designed to emphasise that our perception of how we value and perceive truth can be very different, hence our perception of truth is subjective to our level of consciousness, society and upbringing.  Interestingly while Dr. David Hawkins offered a strong objective position with his Map of Consciousness and his claims about muscle monitoring, he also clearly stated that everything in the Universe is subjective, which means our perceptions about what’s real and what is true is subjective to the position that we find ourselves in.  If truth can never be absolute and is changing based on our point of reference, then basing truth on the effectiveness of the end result that we receive seems to me to be a reasonable measure.