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Streams of Knowledge

Every person has many aspects; however we each operate as an integrated whole. Kinesiology considers and works directly with all the parts that make us up. As kinesiologists we learn... Read More

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Transform your life

Learning kinesiology at Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology is a huge accomplishment that re-defines who we are.  Apart from the skills of learning about the body which include muscular... Read More

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Kinesiology and Nutrition

While nutritional medicine can help support the body to rebuild and regenerate, often it is just supporting the body to cope with a deeper pre-existing condition that nutritional medicine itself... Read More

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Kinesiology Evolution

Kinesiology has been going through an amazing growth in popularity over recent years.  This is largely due to the results it delivers reaching into the community of south east Queensland. ... Read More

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Kinesiology the Search for Truth

Dr. David R Hawkins’s research concluded that kinesiology was able to derive any true answers about any topic in the whole Universe. The release of his very curious book Power vs.... Read More