As part of the new training package we are including Guided Meditations which can be included in a kinesiology treatment.  By inducing relaxation in the correct way we can complement the kinesiology process.  It is all about accessing the unconscious and the higher self while deprogramming the subconscious so that the higher self can have more access and expression.  This is what kinesiology is all about and Guided Meditations can be selected by the muscle monitoring to enhance this process.

Here are three samples of guided meditation I have recorded.  Listen to one daily and watch how things start to change.  This Guided Meditations are designed to re-pattern how you respond to stress and support you to engage your life in new innovative ways.




……As a suggestion, I now give permission for any perceived stress to metabolised automatically by the supreme intelligence of my body, emotions and mind as integrated parts in a living and evolving field of energy consciousness…….