Our College is all about accessing self-healing. If you are a client: then we are supporting you to activate your self-healing potential. If you are a student: then we are educating you on how to support someone to self-heal.

The body is designed to self-heal.  When there is an inability to resolve stress, then over time the stress will build up.  The build up of unresolved stress causes the body to become less efficient (disorganised).  When this happens then the body’s ability to self-heal can go into decline which means that over time then the body will start to show symptoms.

Our culture is generally very poor at resolving stress, the source and causes behind our stress can be hard to access in our busy lives, so instead of resolving it, we generally bury it and then compensate for it.  For each item of stress that we accumulate and bury, there is a decrease in our operating potential.  Its like how our computer slows down when it is full of spyware.   Moving forward with our lives becomes increasingly difficult,  we are in effect, dragging around a ball and chain.

Over time as things build up our constitution weakens and we are likely to show symptoms.  These symptoms can include physical and mental ill health we can also find ourselves getting stuck in our lives and our joy diminishing.

Kinesiology can be used to discover causes behind our stress from the perspective of the subconscious.  Once this is uncovered we can ask the inner wisdom of the body what support  the body then requires to re-activate the body’s ability to self-heal.


In Kinesiology, we recognise the body, mind, emotions, energy and spirit as connected (interdependent), where all the parts that work together seamlessly. Kinesiology is able to address all of these aspects in an interdependent way,  customised to then needs of each individual client.

As well as unblocking the client’s ability to self-organise and heal, we are also educating the client to understand how to keep the body balanced. In this way we are supporting independence rather than dependence in our clients.

At Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology, we recognise that life itself is the only true healer; the role of the Kinesiologist is to help the client back into the flow of life, so that our experiences within our own life are supporting us to grow, heal and evolve gently.

Students of Create Your Reality go through significant change as they study Kinesiology. The program is designed to facilitate the student’s own ability to hold the space for another. Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology is a school that will support your own personal growth to become a confident facilitator of healing and transformation.

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