Even though a kinesiology career it is very different to other styles of complementary medicine, it is a growing rapidly in popularity at a grass roots level because it gives fast and effective results across a wide range of areas.
Kinesiologists tend to build lasting client relationships and readily attract referrals.

Here is a comparison of training cost, course duration and earning potentials across a range of complementary modalities.


NaturopathyAcupunctureMyotherapyNutrition & DieteticsDiploma of Kinesiology 
Duration of Study4 years4 years3 years4 years2 years*
Training Cost$62,700$63,721$52,534$37,436$19,770*
Expected Earning^$54,000 pa$60,500 pa$55,000 pa$61,000 pa$65,000 pa

The Training costs were taken from local institutions available in Brisbane as of May 2019. 
^The Median Earning expectancy Based on National Average was taken independently from the same source as of May 2019 https://www.payscale.com
* Duration and cost for the Diploma of Kinesiology are specifically from the College of Kinesiology

What does a career as a professional Kinesiologist feel like?

Hear from a past student and how they have grown from the process of studying Kinesiology to developing their own practice.

Transform your life with a kinesiology career

Transform your life with a kinesiology journey

By letting go and allowing ourselves to participate in this journey we can come to a place where we can authentically support others to transform and self-heal.

Learning kinesiology at Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology is a huge accomplishment that re-defines who we are.  Apart from the skills of learning about the body which include muscular skeletal anatomy, functional anatomy, body navigation, point location and much more; We are also learning complex protocols peculiar to kinesiology and introduced to a range of medical and esoteric concepts almost simultaneously.  Our brains are being stretched beyond the limits that we preciously set.

As our learning and skill base develops we are also experiencing both an intuitive and subtle energy awakening.  As we practice on each other and receive regular balances in combination to the expanding knowledge base, many of us are opening more into a multidimensional perception.  Through increasing our awareness and removing blocks we are on a journey of restoration toward our higher potential.

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