Even though it is very different to other styles of complementary medicine, kinesiology is growing rapidly in popularity at a grass roots level because it gives fast and effective results across a wide range of areas.
Kinesiologists tend to build lasting client relationships and readily attract referrals.

Here is a comparison of training cost, course duration and earning potentials across a range of complementary modalities.


NaturopathyAcupunctureMyotherapyNutrition & DieteticsDiploma of Kinesiology 
Duration of Study4 years4 years3 years4 years2 years*
Training Cost$62,700$63,721$52,534$37,436$17,960*
Expected Earning^$54,000 pa$60,500 pa$55,000 pa$61,000 pa$65,000 pa

The Training costs were taken from local institutions available in Brisbane as of May 2019. 
^The Median Earning expectancy Based on National Average was taken independently from the same source as of May 2019 https://www.payscale.com
* Duration and cost for the Diploma of Kinesiology are specifically from the College of Kinesiology

What does a career as a professional Kinesiologist feel like?

Hear from a past student and how they have grown from the process of studying Kinesiology to developing their own practice.