We first introduced the Cert IV in Kinesiology in 2008 which was part of the National Training Package.  In 2016 the Certificate IV in Kinesiology was removed from the training package.  Over this time we also taught the Diploma of Kinesiology which went for a further 2 years.  After teaching hundreds of students over this time and looking at their success as professional kinesiologists, we found that the Cert IV didn’t give the results that they needed to succeed professionally as compared to students who did the whole diploma.  We found that it takes between 18 months to two years of full time face to face study for the individual student to achieve an integrated understanding and competent delivery of kinesiology.

We also found that the students needed regular supervised practice to develop all the skills and knowledge required for success.  This is why we have 3 supervised practice sessions every week to ensure that there is availability to practice these skills consistently and correctly.  Once a month supervised practice is just not enough.

It is the belief of the college that individuals should not be practicing professionally after 1 year.  This is why the college focuses all its resources on the industry standard, which is a two year Diploma of Kinesiology.

Certificate IV in Kinesiology