Kinesiology is only 55 years old however, as a modality it has evolved many versions of itself in a relative short period of time.  Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to access the subconscious and from their it has extraordinary potential to tap into almost anything. Consequently, there is a lot of freedom in kinesiology for everyone to explore different approaches.  Early on in my career I could see that if students have a strong comprehensive foundation that covers the different approaches to kinesiology and a good understanding of the body’s Anatomy & Physiology and its energy systems.  Graduates could develop a platform to unlock their own wisdom about how to apply kinesiology from their own innate aptitudes.

Most styles/systems of kinesiology are locked into just one approach, this would leave you with a very narrow view of kinesiology.  At the College of Kinesiology, we educate you in the foundation of several different approaches into kinesiology so that you understand it from different perspectives instead of just one.

Some styles of kinesiology are light weight, in that they do not go very deep into understanding the body’s function and its energy systems.  While others are super complex.  At the college of kinesiology, we like to keep a balance.  If you do not go deep enough into understanding the body, then you often can’t work with complex health issues confidently.  If you go too deep, then most practitioners who study this modality don’t end up understanding what it is they are actually doing and lose connection with the content.  As a result, they end up closing shop because they don’t really understand what it is they are doing.  At the College of Kinesiology we teach you key principles that allows you to develop your own evolving understanding.  All of the courses modules eventually interlock with each other, awakening your own understanding of how everything fits together within the body, energetically, physiologically,emotionally and structurally.

Once you graduate, you will be confidant to work with you clients on all levels and with all types of issues.  You will also be able to offer your clients a comprehensive life and business coaching program which is exclusive to the College of Kinesiology.

The most significant factor that stands out with the College of Kinesiology is the hands-on face to face support.  With 20 years’ experience in training students, we have noticed that the biggest thing that makes the difference to their future success, is hands on face to face supervision.  Consequently, we have three four-hour practice sessions every week at our centrally located dedicated campus.   These regular events are designed to help students complete their practical assessments and optimise their skill development.  Regular supervision is perhaps the most important consideration when choosing a college or stream of study in Kinesiology.  This is why our students feel so confident and capable when they graduate and ready to launch their new career.

Try us out by coming to the student clinic and test out the capability of our 2nd year students, or book in to our $79 full weekend training – Road Test Kinesiology Weekend and experience the amazing potential that the College of Kinesiology has to offer.