Chakra Awakenings Continuing Education Kinesiology Course

Advanced Chakra Course

2024 Dates: 30th November, 1st, 2nd & 3rd December

Chakra Awakenings 2 & 3 is a continuing education Kinesiology course, written by Guy Bennett, that investigates the minor chakras, the higher chakras and the nadi channels that connect them. It offers an integrated and unique holographic context of balancing the chakras.  It also investigates how the chakras inter-connect to manage biological systems and how we can balance systems in the body through chakra and nadi balancing.  In Chakra Awakenings 3 we also look at how to assist individuals to evolve to accelerate the evolution of their consciousness.

This course is not part of the Diploma Program (non-accredited)

  • Working with the minor chakras
  • Balancing the 5 Pranas
  • Major Chakra Hologram Theory
  • Major Chakra Hologram with Minor Chakras
  • Working with Sacred Geometry        
Neurophysiology Continuing Education College of Kinesiology Course

Neurophysiology 2&3

2025 Dates: TBA

Following on from Neurophysiology 1 within the Diploma of Kinesiology at the College of Kinesiology, Neurophysiology 2 and 3 are advanced continuing education courses to support the function of the brain.  Taught together, these courses give you everything you need to address and support the operation of the brain from a kinesiology framework.

Neurophys 2 looks at the nuclei, pathways and circuits within the brain, while Neurophys 3 looks at the Glial cells and neurotransmitters.  Together, these courses offer you deep insight and powerful tools for change.  The course has custom programmed vials that support brain balances and improve identification of stress within the brain for a much quicker and thorough balance.

Kinesiology techniques include:

  • Deep Survival Stress Balance
  • Cerebellum Balance
  • Amygdala Pathways
  • Cortical Integration Balance with Survival Stress and Deep Survival Stress
  • Basal Ganglia Balance
  • Consciousness Integration Balance
  • Neurotransmitter Balance
  • Glial Cell Balance
  • Brain Chemistry Balance
  • Motivation Balance
  • Brain Stem RAS Balance