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The College of Kinesiology has been delivering Kinesiology courses and training in Brisbane since 2001 and we have been a government accredited Training Organisation (RTO number 40799) since 2008. Our facilities, resources, course content, instructors and teaching methods are outstanding.  Our kinesiology courses will equip you with everything you need to establish a busy successful practice.

We make studying kinesiology easy. Because kinesiology is vastly different to other types of natural therapy, taking that first step can be a little scary.  That is why at the College of Kinesiology we offer you a step by step journey to discover if Kinesiology is right for you.

You can start your kinesiology journey by watching the free webinar, this one hour webinar introduces you to the key understandings behind kinesiology and how it works to support the body’s natural self healing mechanism.

Once you have the kinesiology webinar under your belt, then it is the Road Test Kinesiology Weekend.  This is actually the first practical weekend of the Diploma of Kinesiology, it is designed to introduce you to the foundational skills behind kinesiology.  It allows you to get a feel for the training environment, the teaching style and community at the College of Kinesiology in Brisbane.  It also shows you that everyone has the potential to learn and master kinesiology.

If the Road Test Kinesiology Weekend tickles your fancy then it is time for the Kinesiology Short Course.  The best thing about this four weekend (8 day program) isn’t the fact that you learn diverse skills in the application of kinesiology; it is that at any time during the Kinesiology Short course you can convert into the Diploma of Kinesiology and have what you have already spent discounted off you first semesters training.

As you progress through the above Kinesiology learning levels, then your practical understanding of kinesiology increases, enabling you to make clear choices about your future.

We invite you now to join our program and permit us to reveal to you the mysteries and wonder of Kinesiology.



What does a career as a professional Kinesiologist feel like?

Hear from a past student and how they have grown from the process of studying Kinesiology to developing their own practice.

Even though it is very different to other styles of complementary medicine, kinesiology is growing rapidly in popularity at a grass roots level because it gives fast and effective results in a wide range of areas. Kinesiologists tend to build lasting client relationships and readily attract referrals.  Kinesiology will allow you to build a rewarding career.  Watch Hayley Ullman’s story,  See how Hayley now earns more as a kinesiologist then she did as an engineer employed as a project manager.

Certificate IV in Kinesiology

We first introduced the Cert IV in Kinesiology in 2008 which was part of the National Training Package.  In 2016 the Certificate IV in Kinesiology was removed from the training package.  Over this time we also taught the Diploma of Kinesiology which went for a further 2 years.  After teaching hundreds of students over this time and looking at their success as professional kinesiologists, we found that the Cert IV didn’t give the results that they needed to succeed professionally as compared to students who did the whole diploma.  We found that it takes between 18 months to two years of full time face to face study for the individual student to achieve an integrated understanding and competent delivery of kinesiology.

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Student Clinic in the kinesiology course

Experience in the real world

Work with clients at the student clinic and test out what you are learning.

In the second year of your Diploma, you get to participate in the Student Clinic, where you treat people from the public under supervision, in a relaxed clinic environment. This ensures that you gain experience working with all different people and on all different issues. You will complete 50 hours under supervision. Your experiences in the student clinic will support you to become a confident kinesiology practitioner.

Anyone from the public is welcome to book in for a kinesiology session at the student clinic.


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Choosing the right college for kinesiology course

Choosing the right college

Kinesiology is only 55 years old however, as a modality it has evolved many versions of itself in a relative short period of time.  Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to access the subconscious and from their it has extraordinary potential to tap into almost anything. Consequently, there is a lot of freedom in kinesiology for everyone to explore different approaches.  Early on in my Career I could see that if students have a strong comprehensive foundation that covers the different approaches to kinesiology and a good understanding of the body’s Anatomy & Physiology and its energy systems.  Graduates could develop a platform to unlock their own wisdom about how to apply kinesiology from their own innate aptitudes.

Most styles/systems of kinesiology are locked into just one approach, this would leave you with a very narrow view of kinesiology.  At the College of Kinesiology, we educate you in the foundation of several different approaches into kinesiology so that you understand it from different perspectives instead of just one…..

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Find out How Kinesiology enhances the learning potential

Kinesiology supports us to re-wire the neural network perhaps better than any other therapy.  When we learn kinesiology, we able to use the kinesiology to rewire our brain to enhance our learning potential.

Kinesiology is able to clear emotional blocks around learning which enables us to to stay motivated to practice so that our neural network upgrades.  When we have emotional issues associated with learning then we avoid practice.  Where it is regular practice that grows new pathways in our brain.

The College of Kinesiology specialises in brain formatting.  This is using vials and formats to access parts of our brain that hold stress.  When we are stressed then the brain is less efficient.  As you study kinesiology and learn these techniques at the College of Kinesiology, you have the potential to enhance your brains performance allowing you to excel in your kinesiology study with the college.

Watch this video to gain a better understanding about brain plasticity and how studying with the College of Kinesiology Brisbane will allow you grow and evolve faster.

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About the College

Awakening Inner Healing Potential

The body is designed to self-heal.  When there is an inability to resolve stress, then over time the stress will build up.  The build up of unresolved stress causes the body to become less efficient (disorganised).  When this happens then the body’s ability to self-heal can go into decline which means that over time then the body will start to show symptoms.

Our culture is generally very poor at resolving stress, the source and causes behind our stress can be hard to access in our busy lives, so instead of resolving it, we generally bury it and then compensate for it.  For each item of stress that we accumulate and bury, there is a decrease in our operating potential.  Its like how our computer slows down when it is full of spyware.   Moving forward with our lives becomes increasingly difficult,  we are in effect, dragging around a ball and chain….

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