A stand-alone Kinesiology program providing a range of skills that enables you to perform kinesiology to a beginner standard.


The Short Course, also know as the Kinesiology Foundation Program, is non-accredited.   However, it is the first practical component of the Diploma of Kinesiology HLT52415.  It allow you to receive credits toward the Diploma if you choose to go further.



  • It is ideal for people looking to support family and friends
  • Health Professionals looking to incorporate Kinesiology into their practice
  • Looking to understand Kinesiology more deeply
  • To test the water to ensure that Kinesiology is the right profession


Qualification LevelCertificate of Attendance
Average AttendancePart Time
Duration10 Weeks (over 4 Weekends)
Total Cost1,320.00

Course Calendars:

2021 Short Course New Year Intakepdf
2021 Short Course Mid Year Intakepdf

Application is easy. Just follow the link and fill out the form.

KFP 1 Weekend includes:

  • How to muscle monitor
  • How to perform Kinesiology pre-checks
  • Learn to test 14 different muscles
  • Balance the body’s meridian energy systems using muscles
  • Balance to goals

KFP 2 Weekend includes:

  • Learn how to muscle monitor 4 new muscles
  • New Finger Modes including; Priority Mode & Scan Mode
  • Learn how to Pause Lock
  • Learn how to monitor the body’s response to different food and supplements
  • Working With Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Balance the body with the Law of Five Elements
  • Balance the body with Chi Cycle
Students Practice what you learn about the college

KFP 3 Weekend includes:

  • Working with Emotions part 1
  • Figure Eight Energy Balance
  • Temporal Tapping
  • Cranial Stress Release
  • Neuro-muscular Integration
  • Gaits
  • 5 more body muscles

KFP 4 Weekend includes:

  • Working with Emotions Part 2
  • Balancing Dietary and Environmental Stress
  • Reactive Muscle Technique
  • Integrating all the techniques
  • Using a Scan Chart
  • Another 4 muscles of the body