Course Outlines:

This document gives you a detailed schedule of timetables and costings for each block of the qualification specific to your start date.

2024 New Year Intake Course Outline pdf
2023 New Year Diploma Course Outline pdf
2022 Mid Year Diploma Intake Course Outline pdf
2022 New Year Diploma Intake Course Outline pdf
2021 Mid Year Diploma Intake Course Outline pdf

Course Calendars:

This shows all the dates for your course. Your correct calendar corresponds to your start year and if you started in the New Year or Mid Year.

2024 New Year Intake Calendar pdf
2023 New Year Diploma Intake Calendar pdf
2022 Mid Year Diploma Intake Calendar pdf
2022 New Year Diploma Intake Calendar pdf
2021 Mid Year Diploma Intake Calendar pdf

Student Assessment Checklists:

This is a checklist that you can download and print to help you to keep track of your assessments as you complete and submit them.

Assessment Tracking Checklist - Block 1 pdf
Assessment Tracking Checklist - Block 2 pdf
Assessment Tracking Checklist Block 3_4 pdf

Terms and Conditions for Student Clinic for 2nd year College Students:

As a Government Accredited course the Diploma of Kinesiology is vocational in that it is designed to make individuals work place ready. The skills and knowledge that are being taught are then required to be applied in the work place. The student clinic is a simulated workplace where the basic requirements of a standard workplace are required. Failure to meet generally accepted work place standards means that requirements for student clinic are not being met.

1.0 General

1.1 If any of the below general standards are contravened by a student enrolled in the student clinic then they will receive up to three demerit points (depending on the severity of the misconduct). If a student receives nine demerits they will be given the result of not satisfactory and will need to re-commence the student clinic and pay the fees for their re-attendance. No hours will be carried forward from the student clinic that has been deemed not satisfactory.

1.2 Time Management
• Students must arrive at minimum 15 minutes before the designated session time.
• Students must complete their balance within an hour and a half of the designated start time (client must be off the table and all post balance conversation complete).
• Students must be ready at their tables and have their
• workstation set up before the designated appointment time.

1.3 Personal Hygiene
• Students must have clean aseptic hands (must be washed directly prior to session).
• Students must not wear strong perfumes/aftershave or body odour/cigarette etc.

1.4 Student Misconduct
• Students must not conduct themselves in a way that interferes with the learning of other students or impact negatively on clients.

1.5 Professional Dress Code
• Students must maintain a professional manner, appearance, and attire in the Clinics at all times.
• Students must wear their College T-Shirt and uniform while in session.
• Students must wear clean clothing.
• Student must not wear thongs or bare feet.

1.6 Confidentiality
• Students must maintain confidentiality of client information at all times.
• Students must not leave their Student Folder at the College.

1.7 Record Keeping, Filing and archiving
• Students must maintain forms and systems of record management independently
• Client records are to be kept securely in the Student Practitioners Student Clinic Folder at all times.

1.8 Practice Health, Safety and Risk Management
• Students must work safely, avoid injury or loss to any person or their property.
• Students must adhere to standard health practices and ensure massage tables and pillows have clean protective sleeves for each client.

1.9 Session Cancellation
• Students must not cancel a session that a client has already
• booked, without a valid medical certificate.
• Students must not cancel a session without notifying the
• client, if there is only already booked.

2.0 Skill Standards

2.1 When students are under pressure in a clinical environment they tend to technically apply what they are confident in and not what they are not. However, in order to do kinesiology competently the practitioner must be able to meet the needs of the client and not steer the balance in the direction most comfortable for the limitations of the student practitioner. In the course of the student clinic the practitioner must show on two occasions the following skill sets.
• Five element or chi balance
• Complete Chakra Awakenings balance with conflicts and reversals
• Emotional balance
• Hologram balancing using essence/attitude or tunning forks
• Hologram balance using Anatomy and physiology applications
• Structural balance showing techniques from structural fundamentals 3
• Structural paradigm balance
• Neurophysiology balance with Brain nuclei, Glial cells, and neurotransmitters
• NPA Balance, showing understanding of biological processes relating to the history and symptoms of the client.
• NPA balance showing and integration with hologram techniques.

2.2 50% of all balances are required to show relevance to the clients presenting issues, (i.e. a shoulder problem is treated by STF3 with techniques that are relevant to the type of problem that is presenting). Further to this in all cases when the balance does not relate to the issue presenting the student shows that they have investigated integration and suppression issues that may be camouflaging the issue. Here the student is showing their understanding of the underlying issue and the relevance of skills and techniques that related directly to it.

2.3 It is the students’ responsibility to make clear in their notes the techniques applied, so that the skill standards can be registered by the assessor. It is the student’s responsibility to show that they have investigated any hidden stress when the balance is not showing relevance. The student clinic will continue for a maximum of 18 months until the above indicators have been met at which time if the indicators are not met then the student practitioner will be deemed not satisfactory for the component.

Second Year Student Access to Student Clinic Booking System:

Please review and agree to the terms and conditions below before proceeding with your booking. Follow this link to access availabilities to participate in student clinic as a practitioner.

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