Guy Bennett 1 month ago

Kinesiology and Brain Plasticity

Published in the 2020 Autumn Edition of the Australian Kinesiology Association Magazine More than 12 years ago shortly after I had read the first book by Norman Doidge, “The Brain... Read More

Guy Bennett 3 months ago

Healing Through Inner Connection

We live in a world that is hyper-rational, a world that is structured around scientific understanding, increased productivity and profit.  However, this is not how our inner world works.  The... Read More

Guy Bennett 12 months ago

A New Paradigm in Self Healing

Unlike other divination tools kinesiology uses the changes in muscles to ascertain the client’s status.  These muscles are controlled by nerves and which are regulated by the Central Nervous System... Read More

Guy Bennett 4 years ago

Kinesiology and Nutrition

While nutritional medicine can help support the body to rebuild and regenerate, often it is just supporting the body to cope with a deeper pre-existing condition that nutritional medicine itself... Read More

Guy Bennett 4 years ago

Kinesiology Evolution

Kinesiology has been going through an amazing growth in popularity over recent years.  This is largely due to the results it delivers reaching into the community of south east Queensland. ... Read More

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