Guy Bennett 1 week ago

Kinesiology Update

Some interesting feedback with the Reactive Muscle procedure from the AMM (Advanced Muscle Monitoring) course: Originally when I developed the course, I found the alarm points were highly accurate in... Read More

Guy Bennett 3 years ago


The ancients taught us that the only true power that we have is the power that is within us.  And that the Universe operates as a kind of interactive hologram. ... Read More

webmaster 4 years ago

History Of Kinesiology

The history of manual muscle testing began with a Boston orthopedic surgeon called Lovett, early in the 20th century. It was used to gauge the level of disabilities in the... Read More

Guy Bennett 4 years ago

Kinesiology and Brain Plasticity

Published in the 2020 Autumn Edition of the Australian Kinesiology Association Magazine More than 12 years ago shortly after I had read the first book by Norman Doidge, “The Brain... Read More

Guy Bennett 4 years ago

Healing Through Inner Connection

We live in a world that is hyper-rational, a world that is structured around scientific understanding, increased productivity and profit.  However, this is not how our inner world works.  The... Read More

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