The ancients taught us that the only true power that we have is the power that is within us.  And that the Universe operates as a kind of interactive hologram.  If we want to alter something in our own life experience, then all we need to do is set a clear intention for what it is that we want to create, and then resolve any contradictory programs in our subconscious and body, once the opposing programs are cleared, then our intentions can naturally arrive.  Through this path, we can both grow and evolve while we manifest our desires.

The spirit within us is the same as the spirit outside of us, where spirit is the source of all creation.   By tapping into the power of our inner spirit, we can interact directly with greater Universe.  It is through our personal connection with spirit that we find our unique purpose and values.  When we get caught up in the drama of the outer world, we can lose connection to our purpose and values and therefore our power to interactively create with the Universe.

The Universe works in mysterious ways. When we set a clear intention that is in alignment with our purpose and values and when we then clear the subconscious programs that counter this intention, then the Universe works mysteriously to support its manifestation.  The Universe and all its interactive dimensions is vast and complex way beyond the comprehension of an individual mind.  When we set such an intention, it is important that we are open to the unfolding mystery that awaits.

When we find ourselves moving into an external reality that appears antipathic to the open expression and freedom of our spiritual nature, it is important not to focus so much on the external force being exerted.  But rather on the feelings that are arising from within us as a result of the external circumstance.  If I have a fear response to contracting the corona virus(1) or a fear response to the government taking my freedoms a way (2), I need to realise that I can’t personally change the movement of the corona virus across the world nor can I change the agenda of the government, but I do have the power to clear the source of my fear response.

Possible intensions/Goals:

(1) “My immune system functions optimally, I trust its capacity to keep me safe and healthy in all times places and situations.”

(2) “I acknowledge and exercise the right to my own sovereign domain.  I acknowledge and exercise the right to my own free will.”

As a spiritual being I am imbued with certain rights.  When firstly I am conscious of these rights, then secondly, I choose to enact them and thirdly, clear any subconscious programming telling me otherwise – Then I have both realised and manifested the power of my spirit to liberate my mind and body from all forms of potential bondage and I have returned to the pure realised and untampered state of spirit.

Kinesiology as a health and wellbeing modality is uniquely positioned to tap into the subconscious mind, it can locate and clear programs that subvert our connection to values, purpose and spiritual nature.  As we find ourselves reacting to the external changes in the world today, kinesiology can support us to actualise ourselves and transcend perceived obstacles.  Each time we cross this threshold for ourselves we are interacting with the greater Universe and mysteriously contributing to an alternative collective reality.