There have been some major changes to the kinesiology training package in 2015, with the old Certificate IV in Kinesiology (HLT42812) and the Diploma of Kinesiology (HLT51507) ending and a new single Kinesiology Diploma (HLT52415) emerging, which supersedes them both.  Previously the Certificate IV was a prerequisite for the Diploma, now the new Diploma is the entry level and also the industry standard qualification.  There have been some significant changes to the Diploma and what this means is that all the Kinesiology training providers like ourselves are busy re-writing the qualification to get it ready for next year.  We are not taking any more enrolments for the Cert IV as it does not match up with the new Diploma and will create unnecessary complications to attain industry standard recognition with the new Diploma (HLT52415) requirements.

So if you are transitioning from the old Certificate IV in Kinesiology please have a look at the Bridging time table which is available for 2016 only.  If you are starting out your study, please have a look at our Brisbane or Gold Coast Timetable for the new Diploma.

The whole timetable is not populated yet as with the rest of the industry, we are still undergoing program development and we are rolling it out as the components are defined or completed, thank you for your patience.

We are excited about the new changes because it an opportunity to make our fabulous course even better…..

Costs:  The combined costs of the Cert IV and Old Diploma were $ 17,310 for the two qualifications we envisage that we will be able to
provide the new diploma for under $17,000 but we  are unable to provide specific details as yet.

Duration:  It is envisaged that the new Diploma will take two years of full time study to receive your qualification.

Enrol Today: Brisbane or Gold Coast Campus

Launching the Training Package in 2016
Launching the Training Package in 2016