Our spirit has a path in each life.  There is a certain level of flexibility within the path but there are also fixed things that need to happen, be achieved and to be realised for a sense of fulfilment to be present.  If these things do not occur, then fulfilment will either be missing or only partial relative to what we have accomplished thus far.  In Traditional Chinese medicine it is called our destiny, in other traditions it is called our soul contract.

There is a yearning within us to accomplish our soul contract.  At different stages of our life, we have an opportunity to step onto the path of our higher destiny to achieve our soul contract.  Scenarios will be presented to us, and we can choose or not choose to follow them, this is free will.  When our will is uncluttered and free of traumas then we are likely to feel a resonance with the opportunity that has presented.  When we are cluttered with trauma, dogma, fear and confusion, then at these crossroads, we may make a wrong turn, or fail to make the turn that engages our destiny (as non-action can be equally detrimental as wrong action).

Kriya means to take action.  Contrary to popular understanding, Kriya Yoga is less about a style of meditation and more about proactively following the higher path in our own life.  It is through the active engagement with our correct path that we have the experiences that forge our growth and evolution toward our self-realisation, failure to follow our soul contract means that we are stagnating and missing the amazing opportunity and blessings that this life has to offer.  This is the essence of Kriya Yoga.  In order to do this, we need to be attuned to our soul resonance to recognise the opportunities as they present, but we also need the courage and will to engage and follow the opportunity and destiny as it emerges.

The Process

1) Attuning to our soul destiny

Transcending the busy conflicted mind, opening the heart and achieving stillness means that we are getting in touch with our soul resonance.

2) Setting goals

Once we are consciously in touch with our soul resonance, then we may set clear goals that lead us toward out destiny.

3) Recognising opportunity

By being attuned to our soul resonance, we recognise opportunities within the journey of life allowing us to register the need to take action.

4) Taking action

Taking action means that we are stepping out of the defining confines of our habits and comfort zones.  Taking action means that we are making choices with consequences.  Taking action means that we are stepping out of our predefined neural network and redefining who we are.  Taking action means we are stepping into the unknown.  In order to do this we need to have a measure of trust and faith.  In order to this we need courage and an uncluttered will.

Kinesiology and the Higher Path

The ultimate goal in kinesiology is to support and enable the client to engage their soul contract and destiny.  For it is only through doing this can the client achieve inner peace, joy and fulfilment.  If we want our clients to have a real sense of peace and happiness then this is the way. There are however things to both remember and reflect on be able to effectively support this process.

1) The soul contract is unique

Everyone has a unique soul contract and destiny, only the client is privy to the awakening of their own soul contract.  We must never assume that we know what it is best for the client, so don’t project.  When we influence their choices and decisions then we form a low vibrational enmeshment which can cause us to accumulate unnecessary karma and retard the healthy development of our clients will.

2) Set measurable goals

Our clients feel badly because they are not connected to their spirit.  Our clients feel badly because they are not engaging their higher path.  Our clients feel badly because they lack the courage to follow their highest path.  In essence we feel badly because we are off track and because we are off track we are disconnected from spirit.  All ways set measurable goals that:

  1. Connect people to their spirit.
  2. Lead them to clear outcomes

Do not set goals that are focused on making people feel better as the only way they are going to feel better is to firstly connect to with spirit and secondly follow their destiny.  And sometimes the only way to connect with their spirit is to follow their destiny.

If they connect with their spirit but then fail to follow their destiny they will soon enough start disconnecting and feel poorly once again.

3) Stagnation versus Growth.

Both stagnation and growth can cause pain and suffering.  When we grow, we move through uncertainty and fear as things shift within us and around us.  Ultimately is it our attachments to the known as we transition into the unknown that causes the sensation of pain during growth.  Stagnation means we are holding on to things that no longer serve us, but because our attachment to the known is so strong and our fear of the unknown is so great, then we stay where we are and stagnate.  In this scenario, our body, mind and emotions go further and further into compensation weakening our constitution progressively, ultimately leading to some type of mental, emotional and physical breakdown.  When we are at the crossroads of our life, the choice of stagnation always appears less painful.   However, on the medium to long term, it inevitably has unavoidable negative consequences that progress as we continue to stagnate.  The choice of growth is more immediately shocking, but always leads us to a far better place than the choice to stagnate.

4) Making good Choices

When our clients make choices that lead them on the path of their soul contract, then they are on the path of their own healing and growth.  When the practitioner crafts goals that are on track with supporting the clients’ favourable choices, then the kinesiology is easy work.  When the client continually makes good choices that track their destiny, then the client will continue to get outstanding results.  When the practitioner is a bit off target with translating these choices into goals, it can have serious implications on the effectiveness of the balance and the outcomes of the healing journey.

It has been my clinical experience that clients often arrive in a confused state then with regular kinesiology over time become clearer.  As they emerge from the confusion, they inevitably have the opportunity to address the choices they have made in the past that originally led to the confusion and the choices they need to make now to engage their destiny.  The kinesiology has cleared up the background stress and confusion that has led them to a place where they have capacity to make a good choice.  However, not all clients will make a good choice at this point of clarity if they repeat a historically poor choice from their now clear position, they will unfortunately descend back into their confusion once again.

In parallel with a brand-new clients lack of clarity, they also commonly present with a list of issues and ailments.  These ailments are generally connected to the confusion and being off track with their destiny.  As the confusion clears in most cases the ailments will also improve.  Once the client arrives at their place of clarity if they make a good choice to connect and follow their soul contract, then the ailments will generally be fully cleared with further kinesiology.  If the client makes a poor choice that leads them back into their confusion, then generally the ailments will return.  At this point, the client is negatively obsessed with the returning ailments, which are symptomatic to being disconnected from the path of their higher destiny.  If the client continues to side step their destiny, then they will be unsuccessful in other aspects of their healing journey.  It is my belief from the evidence of what I have experienced in 25 years of kinesiology clinic, sustained healing and growth only occurs with sustained choices that keep us tracking our higher destiny.  So when we are feeling stuck in out healing or growth journey we can always ask ourselves what choices and actions do I need to take?  We can only answer this question for ourselves, the practitioner should never answer it for the client.  Sometimes we only get to the answer by taking a step forward and getting feedback from the Universe.  Doing nothing or doing the same thing again that did not work last time means we are stagnating.

Honouring Free Will

In my journey as a Kinesiologist, I ultimately concluded that the thing that slows people down most in their healing journey is a fundamental lack of understanding of the healing journey.  The way the modern world works with instant gratification and a symptomatic rather than causal approach to wellbeing – most people actively resist the way back to good health and happiness.  Having said this there is a growing minority that are actively seeking out an authentic proactive healing journey these are the clients we want to connect with as kinesiologists. When people have been traveling down the road of stagnation rather than growth for so long an authentic healing journey is both strange and deeply confronting.  This is why good communication is so important to kinesiology as while we balance them, we need to continually educate about the nature and principles of the healing journey as I have done with you in this article.  We can guide and educate but ultimately, we need to honour their free will and the choices that they make.  We also need to honour our own fee will in who we engage as our clients.  There are many clients willing to follow the path of their higher destiny, I have personally found it much more productive and rewarding to let go of the clients who have chosen to stay stuck in their stagnation after supporting them to their point of clarity.  I personally feel that using kinesiology beyond the point of clarity where the client has chosen to cycle back into confusion is a form of enabling which creates an enmeshment between the client and practitioner which becomes a form of dysfunction, weakening both parties.