Learning kinesiology at Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology is a huge accomplishment that re-defines who we are.  Apart from the skills of learning about the body which include muscular skeletal anatomy, functional anatomy, body navigation, point location and much more; We are also learning complex protocols peculiar to kinesiology and introduced to a range of medical and esoteric concepts almost simultaneously.  Our brains are being stretched beyond the limits that we preciously set.

As our learning and skill base develops we are also experiencing both an intuitive and subtle energy awakening.  As we practice on each other and receive regular balances in combination to the expanding knowledge base, many of us are opening more into a multidimensional perception.  Through increasing our awareness and removing blocks we are on a journey of restoration toward our higher potential.

The curtain is pulling back and our perception of ourselves and the universe we are living in is rapidly changing.  Because kinesiology is about finding and supporting at the level of cause, it is natural that our perception would widen and deepen so that we can fathom the deeper causes behind the realities we create.

More than anything humans fear the unknown; even when the known is painful and limiting the fear of the unknown is greater, this is why change can be slow.  Through the process of learning kinesiology we are being introduced to a new and expanded self this is the pathway to authentic healing.  By letting go and allowing ourselves to participate in this journey we can come to a place where we can authentically support others to transform and self-heal.

Pain is the resistance to the flow of energy

We resist energy because of the fear of the unknown

The unknown we see outside of us is only ever a reflection of the unknown within us.

I am.

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