This is an opportunity for our second-year kinesiology students to take you on a comprehensive kinesiology balance experience. Under supervision from a professional kinesiology trainer, you can receive the benefit of kinesiology within our college environment. We are confident that you will appreciate the high standard that the College of Kinesiology offers.

Terms and Conditions for Student Clinic Treatment

  1. My booking is non-refundable
  2. My booking is transferable if cancelled or rescheduled more than 72 hours (3 days) before my scheduled appointment
  3. A failure to show up for an appointment, or being late by more than 15 minutes, will exclude me from future student clinics.
  4. I may book a maximum of 5 slots for myself or other parties. Once a slot is used I may book again. (This is built into the booking system)
  5. If a Student Clinic is full I can waitlist myself. If a spot becomes available I will be notified and I can book the slot.
  6. I maintain proper hygiene and social distancing as per the COVID19 requirements
  7. I act in a respectful manner to staff, students and other participants

Terms & Conditions Agreement

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