Students continually say that they got more than they bargained for when they enrolled with Create Your Reality. Apart from the general expectations of kinesiology skills and content being exceeded, each student finds themselves on an extraordinary personal growth path. Students are drawn toward a place of authenticity as they become a qualified kinesiologist where they learn to genuinely support another’s growth and healing.

The strong emphasis on quality means that you are encouraged and supported to master the skills that you are taught. At Create Your Reality we don’t just “tick the boxes”, you are required to study and practice so you can meet a high industry standard.

You will experience a sense of community and friendship as you study with like-minded people. Your intuition and sensitivity will naturally grow as you learn the kinesiology curriculum with Create Your Reality. Your confidence and communication skills will naturally grow as you learn and master the skills that you require to become a capable and competent Kinesiologist. There is a unique inner bridge that forms in each of us as you learn both the pragmatic scientific health concepts and blend them with esoteric philosophies and spiritual knowledge.

You will be instructed by highly qualified practitioners and course developers giving you relevant practical knowledge that you need to establish a successful practice of your own.

Kinesiology Visions and Expectations

Students sharing their experiences of their own growth and expanding their capacities to support others.