I started Touch for Health with Guy at the beginning of 2005, at a time when I was searching for a new direction something fulfilling and enjoyable. Since then, I have followed the programme of study in kinesiology that Guy provides and have found the experience to have more than fulfilled all my hopes. I have an invaluable skill with which to help others and myself and on a personal level my life and wellbeing have blossomed.

In large part, if not all, this is due to Guy and his ability run the most harmonious workshops I have so far encountered, and I have done many in the past. The classes are always fun, and he imparts, what are at times, quite complex information, with clarity, encouragement and compassion and always with an eye on the varying needs of individuals in the class and their different ways and speeds of learning.

Jeanne Leppard


After being on the Create your Reality program for only 6 months I couldn’t believe how much I could do for people after such a short period of time with such a small financial outlay.

Cameron Sowden


I started my Kinesiology training at Create your Reality in 2006. I was in an enormous rush; having finally recognised what I wanted to do with my life. From my first contact with Guy Bennett, it was my goal to become a practicing Kinesiologist and a good one at that. I have now, in Feb 08 completed my level one registration and have been working for the past six months as a Kinesiologist in a Holistic Health centre.
So I got my wish of fast completion but the most important part is that I got my wish to evolve into a good Kinesiologist. Create your Reality offered courses that I needed, to be what people want and what people need in the face of a globally evolving health system.

Guy has always been honest with me about what I need to improve and has supported me all the way. I went through so much personal fear completing my training. Guy taught me, in his non involved way, of how to conquer this, and I did.

Guy Bennett, Peter McLellan and Jacque Mooney passed onto me their understanding of Kinesiology but allowed me to develop my own understanding of Kinesiology. This has allowed me to use my mind, body, energy and talents in a way that stay true to the modality but is harmonious with my Soul. For this I am forever grateful as there is no better feeling than the freedom to be yourself, doing something that you love and that helps others to have the same.

So to Guy my teacher and friend I say thank you for helping me shine brighter in my truth than I thought possible.

Sarah-Jane Stockton


……I have found my time at Create Your Reality to be one
of a fantastic learning opportunity as well as a beautiful journey of
self-discovery and self-healing.  Guy Bennett has an amazing wealth of
knowledge and you cannot help but be inspired and motivated to further expand
your knowledge of the world we live in……

Melissa Smrecnik


…….With the quality of the workbooks, the breadth of information delivered, and opportunities to practice with supervision, I quickly realised that Create Your Reality was the school for me. I ultimately reached the decision to do the Certificate IV again with Create Your Reality, and I’m now confidently practising Kinesiology in Melbourne……..

Anita San De Miguel