Chakra Awakenings

This course carries on from Principles of Energy Medicine.  In POEM we discussed the planes and the subtle bodies and introduced the technique called Chi Harmonics which balances the chi flow in each plane and their harmonic interconnection.  We also looked at understanding the two orders, the spiritual and the physical.  We used the names negative space time and implicate order to describe the spiritual realm and positive space time and explicate order to describe the physical plane.  We mentioned that these two orders need to be in communication with each other.  In humans the portals that allow the communication between the two orders are the chakras.

In Chakra Awakening we are going to go on a deeper journey with the 7 major chakras.  Using Chi Harmonics in combination with chakras we will be looking at the evolving journey of the chakras through the different planes and subtle bodies.

We explore the Yin and Yang elements of each chakra in each plane to restore balance.