Kinesiology Coaching

We begin an unravelling process as the individual gets in touch with their present state and makes a choice to grow and move forward. This growth process can be driven by two human motivations: the aversion to pain and suffering (the proverbial stick), and the attraction to opportunity and pleasure (the proverbial carrot). Often clients are in a state of wanting to escape
their suffering, but as the suffering eases through kinesiology, they can reach a threshold of opportunity. In Kinesiology coaching we look at:

  • Stretching beyond the comfort zone
  • Engaging passion
  • embracing change
  • Balance – a way of life
  • Brain plasticity
  • Stepping out of Survival
  • Stress is contextual
  • Blending Coaching and Kinesiology


  • Kinesiology Coaching techniques
    • Stages of Creation
    • The Consciousness Hologram
    • Sensory activation for internal magnitude
    • Map of Consciousness
    • Modes of Thought
    • Motivation
  • Coaching tools
    • Skills an Tasks
    • Resources
    • Mind Map
    • Structural Tension