NeuroPhysiology 1

Most of kinesiology is about clearing confusion in the nervous system by allowing it to reconnect to the spiritual order.  Neurophysiology 1 allows us to access specific parts of the nervous system and resolve stress.

We access the specific parts of the brain with a kinesiology technique known as formatting originally developed by kinesiologist Richard Utt, the developer of the modality known as Applied PhysiologyFormatting is a combination of finger modes and acupressure points done together or in sequence, allowing us to access the stress held in specific structures within the body.  Formatting is not a correction, but rather a tool for set up or activation, allowing us to home in on where stress is being held.

Balance Techniques:

  • Primary Brain Structures
  • Survival Stress
  • Heart Brain
  • Enteric Nervous System/Gut Brain
  • Cortical Balance with Brodmann Areas