Principles of Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine refers to a type of healing that supports both the flow of and balance of ‘subtle energy’ within and around the body.For the advocates of energy medicine, it is believed that ‘subtle energy’ is an integral part of each and every living being and is essential for the continuation of life.  It is believed that by supporting the body at the level of the ‘subtle energy’ then the mind, body and emotions can be brought back into balance.

This course includes:

  • Understanding the Dao
  • Man, the Dao & Interdependence
  • Energy Medicine and the Ego
  • The relationship between Planes and Bodies
  • Ancient research methods
  • Principles of Heaven and Earth

Balance Techniques:

  • Balancing Chakras
  • Chi Harmonics
  • Meridian Chakra Release Balance
  • Mingmen Balance