Structural Fundamentals 2

This is the second course in the series of three, and in this course. In this course we focus on the issues which affect the structure of the body, particularly reactive muscles.The techniques in this course have been selected and developed to each work in a standalone fashion to deal with specific structural stress, or to be used in an integrated holistic fashion.

By the end of this series of courses you will be able to problem solve and investigate the body for imbalance.  Once having learnt a range of techniques they can be applied in varying ways and at varying locations.  They can also be strategically arranged for different purposes and to match the level of understanding of the practitioner.

All client assessments and balances are taught and should be performed without forceful manipulation of the client’s body in any way.

STF 2 includes:

  • Assessing the body’s posture and alignment
  • Muscle relationships in posture
  • Joint compression technique
  • Magnetic Stress Release (MSR)
  • Reactive muscles
    • Pelvic Reactivtiy
    • Exacerbated Lordosis with Knee Hyperextension
    • Hypo-Lordosis with Knee Hypo-extension
    • Lower Back Pain or Lower Back Instability
    • Hip Reactivity
    • Imbalances of the Glenoid-humeral Joint
    • Anterior/Posterior Presenting Shoulders
    • Misalignments of the Head and Neck
    • Internal Reactivity of the Quadriceps and Hamstrings